Case XX 6488 Large Congress
Case Tested XX 6380 Whittler
Case XX 62131Canoe
Case XX 6380 Whittler
Case XX 6391 Whittler

All of the knives that are pictured are
counterfeit. When buying older
knives, do your research, ask lots
of questions, and if all else fails...
ask yourself... if it looks too good to be true,
it probably is.
General things to look for.

Overall fit and finish.
Stamp "does it have a altered look"
Pattern no. "does it match the knife"
Jig of the bone.
Blade & back spring width "do they match"
Blade length.
Reference Books

Goins' Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings
American Premium Guide to Knives & Razors
Levine's Guide to Knives & their valves
Counterfeiting Antique Cutlery
The Official Price Guide
Antique Knives "American Blade Assn."