This is the short version of how the Soddy-Daisy Knife Collectors Association got started and someday a larger and more
complete version may be written.

As for the two men that started it all, Fred has moved to a place in Missouri where there is not a knife club and J.D. has
gone to heaven where all of the knives are in mint condition. Fred says that he will not start a knife club in Missouri but I
think that J.D. may talk him into it. As the saying goes ... never say never .. as Fred did indeed establish a knife club, but
unfortunately Fred has now joined J.D. in heaven.

Thanks for the memories guys!
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Fred Rohrs moved to Tennessee from Arizona where he
had already been involved in starting a successful Arizona
into New Mexico he made the statement "I will join a
knife club as a member, but that is it." As luck would
have it, shortly after arriving in Soddy Daisy Fred met J.D.

J.D. had moved to Soddy Daisy in the late sixties. He had
been a trader for a long time. He loved to swap pocket
knives, guns, watches, or most anything else. Mostly, J.D.
liked the interaction with other people that came with
the trading. He was a man that would really enjoy a local
knife club.

After finding out that Fred had experience starting a
knife club J.D. went to work on him. Fred resisted but
finally agreed to help start a club if J.D. could get 10
people who would be interested enough to attend an
initial meeting. It did not take long for Fred to realize
that he had challenged the wrong man ... J.D. found the
people and the initial meeting was held. Fred was
elected president,  W.V. Roberson (center),
vice-president, and Mark Dixon secretary.
Chattanooga Knife Club History

A fellow Knife Collector called me this past month and was inquiring about a knife marked CCKC and had a train etched
on it, that prompted me to do a little digging into Chattanooga Knife Club History. Thanks the Gerald Wilson and some
National knife Collector Magazines he loaned me,  here is some rough information that I have found out over the past
month, although it is incomplete and many of you may have more information about it, if so please contact me as I would
like to add it to our web site as part of the SDKCA club history.

Once upon a time,….many, many years ago a knife club was formed in Chattanooga, TN ( …once known as the Knife
Capitol).  In 1979 a Club was formed know as the “Midsouth Knife Club” they met in the East Ridge Fire Hall every
Thursday night. Members of this club were as follows. Charlie Genella, Paul Davis, Gerald Wilson, Bruce Voyles, Jim
Parker, Jim Frost, and Maury Shavin (KnifePak). Some of these names you might recognize and they are or were
prominent people in the knife industry. In 1983 the “Midsouth Knife Club” changed its name to the “Choo-Choo Knife
Collectors Club” CCKC. Somewhere after 1983, the CCKC meeting location was no longer available and after trying
unsuccessfully several times to find a new location the club was dissolved. In 1989 a new club was formed by Bob Cargill
with some of the previous members of the CCKC. This club was short lived and then next club started in Chattanooga
was the SDKCA in 1995.